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Mission & Vission


In the field of higher education, we are committed to academic excellence, healthy standards in extracurricular practices, socially relevant activities, and courses leading to employment and entrepreneurship and continuous progress of the institution.

In this way, we are "ready for good work" in collaboration with the government and people of good will including academicians and educationists, to create a society more worthy of human beings. Our motto is also to train youths who can be gainfully employed for the overall development of the civil society at large.


We, the members of Smt. Manjira Devi Shikshan & Prashikshan Institute are committed to the creation of an educated, ethical and prosperous society by imparting higher education to youth enabling them towards integral human and career development in industrial and human health sector.


  • To develop the intellectual capacity of students to search for truth and knowledge.
  • To offer possibilities by which the students discern their purpose in life.
  • To help them to achieve their goals by imparting education which is not only theoretical but also practically oriented, to help them to work efficiently out side the class rooms and the laboratories.
  • To form social consciousness in them so that they may be capable of fostering good relationship with others, a sense of participation and co-responsibility and become tools of social change with a preferential option for the poor and the weak so as to serve the civil society at large.