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About Us

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Smt. Manjira Devi Shikshan & Prashikshan Institute is situated at Hitanu Dhanari, Dunda - Uttarkashi. It fulfills all the norms of AICTE & Uttarakhand Board of Technical Education. This Institute is in a very peaceful & green natural surroundings. The institute have well equipped classrooms with modern facilities for students.

A unique feature of the institute is that in order to achieve excellence in specialized fields we have on roll a large number of visiting faculty, besides a number of outstanding seniors in the faculty of the institute to provide guidance to students in modern research.

The college has been the vanguard of continuous development in technical & pharmaceutical education since its inception.

The institution is very well placed to plan, organise and implement effective programmes for students and other target groups.

Considering the expertise and facilities developed over the years, excellence and achievements in regard to standards of education and its overall curricular and technical developments.

The delegation of the college is to provide standard education on par with global standards to the student form all over India and in particular those form the local and rural areas. We continuously try to maintain high standards so as to make them technologically competent and ethically strong individuals who shall be able to improve the quality of life and economy of our country.


The aims and objectives of the institute are :
  • To offer quality education in Engineering & Pharmacy
  • To provide adequate facilities for Diploma studies
  • To establish teaching and skill up gradation programme of an inter disciplinary nature
  • To develop collaborative linkages with industry and other organizations
  • To enhance and improve utilization of infrastructure and resources